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Mom of all Mom's

When your mother dies It doesn't matter how old you are. You still feel like an orphan because you've lost your guiding star. She's the one you've always turned to whenever anything went wrong. She's the one who cleaned your skinned knees and chased nightmares away with laughter. She was there to celebrate all your important days with you, Like birthdays, and holidays, and your very first day of school. And all of your kids important days! It was easy to take her for granted because you knew she'd always be there...Until the day that she wasn't. And you discovered life truly wasn't fair. So each Mother's Day I take the time to remember the best things about her: Like her perfect model hands and open arms (and ears) to anyone who needed it, and how close she made everyone in the family feel, whether is was us kids, cousins or close family friends. And you can be sure she's in Heaven thinking of us on this day above any other. That's because the truly is the Mom of all Mom's to everyone!❤

My Dearest Mom of all Moms:

You laid down your burdens in life long ago, But your achievements still shine in this world. The family you created lives on and grows,

The lessons you taught us guide us still, And we pass them on to our kids so they grow strong in family traditions. Yours was a life well-lived, And we gather each Mother's Day to reminisce and look through pictures, Laugh a lot, and sometimes even cry a little...OK a lot!. Mom, you live on in our words, our actions, our kids and our grand-kids and though you are not here to meet them all, they will all know you and remember you just like you are here!!!💕

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