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Letting Go...WOW! What A Game Changer!!!

Sometimes it only takes the smallest changes in our lives to make such a HUGE difference. The problem is, when you have something that works so well, you can't "talk" people into trying it. They have to be ready for the change. After about a year of reading my posts my friend finally reached out and took a leap of faith!

Background first. I lost 3 of the most important people of my life in Jan. '07 (my mom-lung cancer), Mar. '08 (my dad-lung cancer), & Feb. '09 (my fiance Kev- accident). I have struggled with seasonal depression for about 20 years, along with anxiety, nervousness, scatterbrained to no end, weight was never an issue until after 35, (metabolism said C-ya almost overnight lol) I dont have a before/after pic because I never thought to take one, but I did weigh in on Dec.1. I didnt try samples, I straight up ordered my 30 day and jumped in. I started at 159.0 lbs. (Not my heaviest but more than I weighed when I had both my kids) 1 month, 3 weeks later I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 151.0 lbs. I lost 8 lbs by just drinking my "happy coffee". Now on top of that all my jeans are hanging now. I started in size 10, had a couple pr of 8's I kept around they are loose as well. I need to go buy some 6's again. My point of that is I notice the inches gone more than the weight. Now on to my mental state, the whole reason for me starting this journey. I am so clear minded now, I wake up each morning ready to get out of bed, not wanting to just lay there. I am a very "natural" person. Like I said, I have seasonal depression so for years during fall I would go to my doctor and get a low dose anti-depressant for the winter months, come spring wean back off it. Eventually I found St. Johns Wort an that seemed to work for me as well so I went with it. I am happy to say I havent taken my St. Johns in over a month, and I mentally feel great. My boyfriend has noticed I "let things go" now...(I guess when I got mad/upset before I stayed that way for awhile) Now I say what bothered me & let it go. I drive ALOT for work. My road anxiety is gone.( I didn't even realize I had until it was gone) I was driving, holding onto steering wheel white knuckled not even realizing it, now I drive relaxed. That anxious feeling is gone. On to ENERGY. WOW is all I can say.

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