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Hi! I'm Tammy

I was raised in a very loving household with 5 sisters and 1 brother.  Playing games and laughter was always a huge part of our everyday lives.  Mom and dad always taught us to help others and be strong.  Walk tall and proud and make sure your actions follow suit.  This was a very easy task growing up in a loving home. 


•  starting my own family  •

Bob and I were married on December 7, 1990.  We soon had four amazing girls!  Today, Kelly (27) a Pharmacy Tech, Wendy (24) a Paraprofessional, Jessy (23) a Registered Nurse and Christy (22) is also a Registered Nurse.  Two of the girls are married so I have two amazing sons-in-law, Donovan and Nathan, and 4 beautiful grandchildren; Grace, Henry, Leo, and Walter!  Everything we do is for our family and as you can imagine, the activity calendar on our wall is quite busy!


•  an amazing and crazy journey  •

In February 2019, I noticed that during a difficult situation, I would have this heavy feeling in my chest, like it was caving in.  My face would turn red, I would start sweating, then I would abruptly respond to the situation in a manner that was not me at all.  My daughter insisted I go to the doctor for help with anxiety and hot flashes (I'm not saying the "M" word because I'm not admitting to being THAT "old" 😁). In the midst of not wanting to do anything unnatural, it was suggested I try an interesting but all-natural product as people were seeing great results. Sure....(I thought🙄). Then after a little while, I caved and said I'd try it. Three days passed and anxiety was gone! Three weeks and I noticed I wasn't having hot flashes anymore. AND THEN A HUGE BONUS! I started dropping inches and then pounds! Great side effect! I should have started sooner!


•  then things REALLY started to change  •

I had a young lady show up at my doorstep with extreme social anxiety pleading for help. 

I told her I didn’t know what it was going to do for her, but I know how it helped me. 

Two weeks later, her mother contacted me a thanked me for helping her daughter!


•  today  •

Just as my Mom and Dad taught us so many years ago; "be strong and help others"!  What a fulfilling journey this has been!  I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with over 350 people to help them make small changes in their everyday lives so that they are able to live a healthy and happy life.  Sharing lots of love and laughter with the people that mean most to them in their lives! 


It has been great connecting with you!

Reach out to me if you need support making a change!


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