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My Coffee Story



•  From February 2019  •

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this. This is about me and is truly exciting.

These last few months I’ve been giving a whole new meaning to one red hot mamma! Between the hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, sleepless nights and extreme anxiety I’ve literally been one hot mess trying to work my way through this time in my life.

By nature, I am a motivator at work and at home. All of this turmoil going on in my body was making my everyday life very difficult. Then my sister started talking about this “happy coffee” and how much it helped her. After listening for a couple of weeks, I thought,

"Why not? If it at least helps my anxiety, I can deal with the rest!"

So, I started drinking this “happy coffee”. Since then, my anxiety is non-existent!

As an added bonus, I have lost weight without changing anything other than adding coffee to my morning routine. I truly believe this is only the beginning!

So thankful I found happy coffee!!! 

#happycoffee #superexcited #feelinglikemyselfagain

•  gratefulness  •

We all go through so many stages of our lives and have no idea where it will lead us or leave us. Bob and I have 4 beautiful and very active girls; who are now amazing adults (22, 23, 24 and 26)! We have also been blessed with two (with one on the way I’m sure😉) amazing sons-in-law and 4 fantastic grandkids. As you can see we have very busy lives and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! Along with all of the amazing fun and excitement comes the stress and anxiety of timing of events (which if you follow us on Facebook you know there are several as we work hard and play harder!).

It’s dealing with everyone’s schedule, preferences and keeping up on traditions, which is very important in our family. Then there is Bob and I trying to juggle everything without dropping anything....and making sure everything is pulled off with lots of love and laughter...then literally falling into bed and passing out...forcing our bodies to rest so we can do it all again the next day. Again, we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

Fast forward 1 year to today. Same crazy schedule, same crazy family with only one change! We decided to embrace this crazy “happy coffee” journey!!! This has taken us to measures beyond belief!!! We have the energy to get through the day, sleep like a rock and wake up when the sun comes up fully rested, ready to conquer the challenges of the day!!! Bob and I have both lost pounds and inches that surpass what our original goals have been!!! I no longer suffer from the chronic pain from fibromyalgia which I’ve dealt with since an accident in 1992!!! I no longer have hot flashes nor anxiety from the dreaded effects of getting a little older (I’ll never admit to getting “old”!). Bob just ran his first pain-free 5k two weekends ago so he’s back on the running path!

The only regret we have is not starting earlier! We feel amazing and this has opened so many doors for us. We LOVE sharing this with people and following them as they take off on their crazy coffee journeys. We love it when we get messages from people on all of the benefits they are experiencing, too. Truly a celebration! We’ve not only made significant changes in our already amazing lives but we’ve been able to touch so many other lives just by sharing! 


We don’t sell STUFF...We offer hope, health, and excitement! 

We lock arms with people who WANT to do the same,

who WANT to embrace the change and we have fun doing it!

We are grateful for everyone who traveled on this journey with us, and look forward to supporting and celebrating all of you on yours!


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