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How Top Google Searches Have Changed!

Times were easier in April 2019. People wanted to know who is playing in the Final Four or how many episodes of Game of Thrones there were.

This year people suddenly needed to know how to make masks, make their own hand sanitizer and millions of people were searching for how to file for unemployment. Somethings haven’t changed such as everyone still needs help figuring out how to boil the perfect egg!

The Washington Post compared common google searches beginning with “how to” between April 2019 and April 2020, you can see below that in 2019 people were googling how to train your Dragon or how to take a screenshot where in 2020 people were asking how to make a mask and how to make hand sanitizer. Though not in the same order, we do have four things that people are consistently curious about "how to": how to take a screenshot, how to draw, how to delete Instagram and to boil an egg!

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