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Have you been Wined, Snacked or Coffeed?

I'm not sure who came up with this idea, but I absolutely LOVE it💕! I'm not going to lie, I was invited about a dozen times and didn't even give it a thought. Then my daughter, Wendy, invited me...TWICE...before she said "MOM, you didn't join the group yet!". Other than just not taking the time to do it, I didn't have a good reason🤷‍♀️. Because she was sitting there looking at me have time now, I went in and clicked the join button🤣! Little did I know I was going to have a BLAST! While I'm very humbled by people giving me things, I LOVE to give to others. Two days later...I HAD BEEN WINED🍷!!! A complete stranger! Didn't even sign the card. Just "hope this brightens your day". I was hooked! I posted a note, gathered the troops (My four daughters, Kelly, Wendy, Jessy and Christy and Fran (one of my 6 siblings) and we posted we were going to "Wine" 10 people the next weekend! WHAT A BLAST💥! Check out my facebook page and you'll see hilarious photos of Wendy and Christy being very stealthy winning and dashing! We all laughed SO hard😂! SO....Fran and I said...let's do it again next weekend📢!!! we are off🏃‍♀️!!! Fran made chocolate covered pretzels and strawberry's🍓 and who knows what else to make these fancy "Summer Fun" baskets that we'll be delivering today to some lucky ladies🚗!!! Again, we posted a note asking for people to send us their address (private message us the addresses, just to be safe, so they aren't listing them out for the world to see) if they haven't been wined yet. We want to make sure everyone gets a little sunshine in their day! Let the WINE AND DASH begin!!!🏁

Back to the group I joined, just to let you know how big this has gotten. There is 8,882 people in the group😲! That's a whole LOT of people spreading sunshine🌞! That's just in this one WINED group. I've also been invited to a SNACKED group AND a COFFEED group! The groups encourage women (I haven't noticed men anyway) to “wine” each other (or snack or coffee) — that is, put together a wine basket with snacks and beauty products, then drop the basket off on an anonymous person’s porch. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!! Fun to get of course, but MORE fun to give!!! AND when you get a van full of people (not exceeding 10 people of course) then the laughter is endless🤣! While it seems like a prank, it actually goes along with social distancing. It’s no contact, porch delivery. You knock on the door, you run. You never see the people, hopefully🙈. Unless you are Wendy and ring the doorbell until she sees someone coming.

After we delivered last week we had messages of women crying. So thankful someone thought of them. I’ve had people just give so much thanks because they’ve had such a rough time. It's an amazing rewarding experience! If you haven't joined in, DO IT!😍

If you have been the lucky recipient of one basket or another or the giver, please leave a comment and let us know how it made you feel!!! 💞

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