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Feel Beautiful Inside and Out - Just Visit Your Hairstylist!!!

I'm later posting tonight because I spent the day with Lauren Worden who does an amazing job creating a different look every time I go see her! We were speaking today of the how people are SUPER excited to get in to see her. Yes, of course, it's because of her winning personality 😊, but most of all because she makes everyone who leaves her chair feel like a million dollars! She's taking the time and working LONG hours, as I'm sure all stylists are that are just getting back to work, to make everyone FEEL amazing!

It's not just a hair cut or a color. When you look good, it gives you an extra feeling of confidence, which allows you to take risks. When you walk out of the salon you may find the courage to speak to someone you normally wouldn’t, or do something gutsy in an office presentation that you would normally never think of doing. Getting your hair done puts you in a positive mood, and when you are in a positive mood every day things go a lot better!

We switch styles to again, make us feel better, or "fit" into the current position we hold or support the "chapter" of life we are in at the moment.

Here are some of the fun things I found when I searched: HAIR PSYCHOLOGY: What Your Hairstyle Says?

  • Side parting: You are a caring listener. You have a big heart who knows how to celebrate with others, and you also know how to grieve with someone in pain.

  • Long "Beachy" Waves: You are absolutely confident and a freedom lover with high energy!

  • Medium Length Hair: You value common sense and are committed to your goals. You don’t like wasting time, so you always think of the fastest and most efficient way to accomplish a task.

  • Blonde Hair: You are friendly and great at conversations. Your ready smile makes it easy for people to approach you.

  • High Ponytail: You are energetic and sporty. You bring life into a room.

This is mine after Lauren finished tonight....hmmmm....what does my hairstyle say?😉

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