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Lake Life Builds Memories

This weekend was our first weekend at the lake! This is the time I feel closest to Mom. She loved the lake and Dad loved being with Mom...even if it was at the lake! It’s the memories with Mom and Dad that make my kids love the lake! Life gets busy, kids get older, time slips away but we will always have the lake...welcoming everyone with open arms...our kids, grandkids, family and friends! Lake time is full of love, laughter, games and late night fires...those are the memories of a lifetime!❤️

We find ourselves living in a world where every minute of every minute of every day is occupied with tasks, setting and reaching goals, striving to be the best. On top of that, people are not just doing one thing at a time –we’re multi-tasking. Instead of just working, we’re also checking our phones, posting on Facebook, Instagram, emailing, snap-chatting, eating snacks, and laughing at your phone. The people in the room with you are continuously asking, "What are you laughing at?". I know, I do it all the time. We are SUPER busy and have SUPER busy lives and THAT is why I love going to the lake. Everyone shows up and is PRESENT! Laughing, playing games, chatting by the fire or on the boat...but PRESENT! If someone is on their phone, it's to show what the funniest thing they saw the other day, or show pictures they have taken, or to show Mom (me) how to do things the right way😂! The kids play hard all day...hardly stop to eat...then pass out at bedtime while the adults get to chat and share funny stories (and some sad ones) about the past. My girls love to hear all of the old stories. That's what our "campfire" time is all about. 13 years at the lake...and many more to come!

No matter how busy a person gets, they will find time for people who matter to them! Take the time...make the time...if you don't, one day you will wish you would have!

The picture I'm sharing for this blog post are the towels that Jessy made me this year to celebrate another year at the lake!❤

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