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Hear what the Author of “The Mirror” Mind and Fitness Program has to say about D.O.S.E.!

Updated: May 15, 2020

As an author of a health and fitness book with a life time of ups and downs in regards to that very subject, I didn’t believe the hype when I first read about it. I have always believed anything works as long as you work at it however, that was before I reached my mid forties. I for some reason had not been able to get out of my own head. I would try to get back on track after two job changes and relocating to an unfamiliar area and was really struggling getting through it. Not long ago I started reading post from an ex colleague Tammy related to a product that makes you feel happy and it could also lead to weight loss. I did not immediately rush out and buy the product because as I stated earlier, I believe anything works as long as you do. After seeing a few more post I sent my friend a message requesting more information, I immediately ordered.

The first day I took “Dose” I felt weird. I wasn’t hungry at all but I felt confused a bit. The second day I had really good feeling all day and as with the day prior, I had very little appetite and as much as I tried to find carbs to snack on, I would stare at them in the food pantry and they simply did not appeal to me. This is the morning of day 9 and I just weighed in roughly 10 lbs down. I know part of the weight is the normal cleanse you get with most new programs if you’ve taken a “break “ from being dedicated to being healthy but... the fact that I am not craving carbs tells me it’s going to be exactly the extra edge I needed to get back to being me. The best part about it all is, though it cost me $100 , it’s saving me at least that in the cost of food.

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